(🎅Early Christmas Sale)DIY Rainbow Magnetic Balls

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(🎅Early Christmas Sale)DIY Rainbow Magnetic Balls
(🎅Early Christmas Sale)DIY Rainbow Magnetic Balls

(🎅Early Christmas Sale)DIY Rainbow Magnetic Balls

🔥Perfect Gift For The Family !!🔥

This is a multifunctional toy, just like some words to describe this toy, such as parent-child relationship, environmental friendliness, spatial thinking, sociality, etc.


  • FASCINATING FUN–Composed by 216 strong neodymium rare earth magnetic beads, is a spherical strong magnet which was exquisitely processed by magnetic balls.
  • COOL TOYS TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS–Impress your friends and family with your cool skills and imagination by designing all sorts of shapes, models, and jewelry.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN UNIQUE DESIGNS–Studying math and geometry can be boring, but learning geometry and math through play, that’s a different story; this set of magnets make learning interestin  g and hands-on.
  • Full of entertainment and creativity— Enhanced assembly capabilities.A creative toy with ability which makes it possible to compose hundreds of geometric patterns. Improve people’s intelligence and imagination.If you want to make more complex models, you can buy more items combined together


  • Exercise young people’s spatial thinking imagination, hands-on ability
  • Adults used to decompress and relieve boredom
  • Older people use to exercise finger flexibility
  • Perfect Gift For The Family


  • Material: Metal
  • Color:  / / / / / / /
  • DIY Rainbow Magnetic Balls Size: 3mm*3mm

Package Contents:

  • BLACK*216+SILVER*216+BLUE*216+GOLDEN*216(864 Pcs)+ Delicate packing box + Manual
  • RED*216+PURPLE*216+ORANGE*216+GREEN*216(864 Pcs)+ Delicate packing box + Manual
  • Infinity Gauntlet :GOLDEN*648+BLUE*216+RED*216+PURPLE*216+ORANGE*216+GREEN*216(1728Pcs)+ Delicate packing box + Manual
  • ALL 8 COLORS:BLACK/SILVER/BLUE/GOLDEN/RED/PURPLE/ORANGEGREEN*216(1728Pcs)+ Delicate packing box + Manual
  • Unlimited Creativity :BLACK/SILVER/BLUE/GOLDEN/RED/PURPLE/ORANGEGREEN*512(3456Pcs)+ Delicate packing box + Manual
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