Color Waterproof Quick Drying Magic Eyeliner Pen🤩

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Color Waterproof Quick Drying Magic Eyeliner Pen🤩
Color Waterproof Quick Drying Magic Eyeliner Pen🤩

Color Waterproof Quick Drying Magic Eyeliner Pen🤩

Never become a panda eye again! It can make your eyeliner beautiful and lasting. Try different colors to get better results.

This Quick Dry Magic Eyeliner Pen longwear technology means you can wear it all day without worrying about smudging, fading or transfer.

Non irritating, suitable for contact lens wearers and safe for sensitive eyes. Water-proof and fast drying eyeliner.


🌸Waterproof and sweatproof, keep your makeup clean in the hot situation.
🌸Quick-drying and smooth, very skin-friendly
 and has smooth lines.

🌸Appropriate line thickness, can adjust the thickness of lines according to makeup needs.
🌸Easy to use, 
used the same as magnetic eyeliner, you only need to draw an eyeliner to attract the eyelashes.

🌸Works well, extra strong hold for lashes, even in the case of high winds.
🌸Four colors, comes in 4 colors which can be matched with most makeup looks.


 Waterproof And Sweatproof. No matter when clean makeup is the most important thing. This eyeliner pen has a powerful waterproof and sweat-proof function, which can keep your makeup clean in the hot summer.

 Quick-drying And Smooth. It allows you to finish makeup quickly when you are in a hurry. This eyeliner pen is very skin-friendly and has smooth lines. It dries easily.

 Appropriate Line Thickness. The right nib thickness is very friendly to novices. You can also adjust the thickness of the lines according to your makeup needs.

 Five Colors. The eyeliner pen comes in five colors of black, brown, purple, blue, and reddish-brown, which can be matched with most makeup looks.



Product Weight
  • 14G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 14  3  3cm / 5.5  1.2  1.2 INCH
Package Contents
  • Waterproof And Quick-drying Liquid Eyeliner Pen  1
  • Paper Package  1
Material Plastic
Color Black/Brown/Purple/Blue/Red Brown
Net Weight 1 ML
Shelf Life 3 Years
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