Functional Shower Head

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Functional Shower Head
Functional Shower Head

Functional Shower Head

Enjoy the best shower experience with this shower head.
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Did you know that SHOWERS give BENEFITS to our body? They say that MORNING SHOWERS makes certain your body gets the OXYGEN it needs. Adequate oxygen in the brain decreases stress. The warm water promotes BLOOD FLOW to your skin helping it soothe tired, achy muscles and helps you to relax.

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Introducing you a product that will LET YOU ENJOY your SHOWER MORE!!! Presenting the FUNCTIONAL SHOWER HEAD!

FUNCTIONAL SHOWER HEAD is a THREE MODE shower head that is PRESSURIZED and can rotate to 360°. Three modes that can GIVE you the BEST SHOWER EXPERIENCE: First is the SATURATING RINSE just like the traditional shower. Second is the RAIN SHOWER as it sprays like a HEAVY RAIN giving you a LIGHT touch with FULL amount of water enough to QUICKLY and FULLY rinse your body. Last mode is the MASSAGE where the water is at its FULL PRESSURE but enough to SOOTHE your ACHING MUSCLES.

FUNCTIONAL SHOWER HEAD is WATER SAVING as the PRESSSURE combines the water with AIR to make it enough for your need but saves water from over flowing. It can also turn into a hose for BATHROOM CLEANING giving the same pressure needed to SPRAY AWAY the stains and dirt from your bathroom.

FUNCTIONAL SHOWER HEAD can be easily installed without tools. It is COMPATIBLE with most STANDARD shower and shower accessories.


  • Type: Portable 360 degrees rotating three-mode pressurized shower head
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Material: ABS and stainless steel
  • Color: Electric plating golden/ Electric plating silver
  • Heat temperature: 100
  • Size: 80*240mm/3.1*9.4 (L*W)
  • Net weight: 210g/7.4oz


  • 1* Functional Shower Head
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