Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle

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Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle
Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle

Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle

Deliver A Powerful One-punch Attack With Your Bare Hands!
Well, you probably shouldn’t do that, but you could if you needed to…

Do you feel threatened because of your lack of strength when it comes to defending yourself ? With our Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle, you may probably be able to break everything!
Made of solid heavy alloy, it is heavy enough to drop an assailant when you’re put into a self-defense situation. Definitely a cool addition to your pants pocket!
Add Power To Your Punch! Made of premium military-grade alloys feature ultra-sturdy, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, with the excellent performance in hardness.
Compact Size For Ease Of Discreet Carry. Light Weight, portable & not bulky, that can easily put it in your purse or pocket.
Protects The Knuckles From Injury.  Features finger holes, the Unique ergonomics design that comfortably fits your fingers.  The return force of a punch or blow doesn’t injure the knuckles.
Cool Must-Have Item in Pocket. The first choice for camping, fishing, hiking and any activities. A great gift for your loved one.
Material: Zinc Alloy
1PC/ 2PCS x Heavy-Duty Self Defense Tiger Knuckle
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