Versatile Drainage Clog Remover

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Versatile Drainage Clog Remover
Versatile Drainage Clog Remover

Versatile Drainage Clog Remover

Worry no more about clogging! This simple tool solves all problems. Introducing the VERSATILE DRAINAGE CLOG REMOVER.

Versatile Drainage Clog Remover is a FLEXIBLE ROD that has 360° ROTATION that is PERFECT and EFFICIENT in REMOVING HAIR and DEBRIS that causes the PIPES to CLOG.

It has a PATENTED MICRO HOOK GRIPPER that is DESIGNED to CLAMP OUT the clog causing substances in the drainage WITHOUT DAMAGING your PIPES. It is FLEXIBLE and ULTRA-THIN that it is GUARANTEED to WIND AROUND CURVES and be ACCESSIBLE to most HARD TO REACH and NARROW BENDED spaces of the pipe.

Versatile Drainage Clog Remover is made of HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL and PREMIUM material. It is specially made to clean out drainages in the SHOWER, SINK, KITCHEN, BATHROOM, and BATHTUB. It is EASY to OPERATE and LONG ENOUGH to REACH even the most hard to reach parts. It is VERY EASY to USE, just simply insert the WAND and ROTATE the HANDLE to REMOVE the CLOG. It is VERY FLEXIBLE and DURABLE and EASY to WASH every after use.

Drain Clog Flexible Remover


  • Material: metal+plastic

  • Length: approx. 60cm/90cm/160cm

Package included:

  • 1 x Versatile Drainage Clog Remover
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