【2021 Hot Sale】Portable Origami Folding Kayak

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【2021 Hot Sale】Portable Origami Folding Kayak
【2021 Hot Sale】Portable Origami Folding Kayak

【2021 Hot Sale】Portable Origami Folding Kayak


  • Lightweight, reinforced fiberglass shaft
  • Molded ABS plastic blades
  • Marine-grade stainless steel connector buttons
  • Completely adjustable length and blade pitch (feathering)

Time to Recreate

The Inlet makes the water accessible, simple, and easy – for everyone. It’s designed for flat water, with features to fit paddlers of all ages and experience levels.  As of now, we’d recommend max weight capacity topping out around 275lbs and max paddler height around 6’2″, depending on individual proportions.

Store it, Transport it

This full-sized, hardshell kayak will fold down and carry like a small suitcase.   Inbox form, the Inlet is 42″ long x 19″ tall x 10″ wide.

Light as a feather, stiff as a board

Less material + fewer loose parts + streamlined fold pattern = LESS WEIGHT.

This kayak only weighs 20lbs. That’s light enough for paddlers of all ages and muscles sizes to carry, pass, heck – toss this kayak as they please.

The new Pack:

Because this new model packs up so much smaller than our other kayaks, we redesigned our pack to fit and added some sleek new features. Zip your Inlet into the new pack, clip the padded waist belt, and let your hips carry the easy 20lbs. Free up your hands and hike your boat up narrow rugged trails, down steep steps, or just through the airport with ease.

The new Paddle:


All of our kayaks are made from a custom extruded, UV-treated plastic called OruPlast™. The material is a thicker custom-made version of the same plastic that postal service bins are made out of – and those things take a beating. All of our kayaks are rated to 20,000 folds, and while we recommend treating your Oru like a fiberglass boat, these boats are made to withstand any flatwater adventure.


  • Blade Material: ABS
  • Blade Size: 44cm x 16cm
  • Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
  • Shaft Material: Fiberglass
  • Shaft Shape: Straight
  • Shaft Size: Adjustable length 220-230cm
  • Feather: Adjustable ferrule 0-90 degrees
  • Breakdown: 4-Piece
  • Control: Right or left hand
  • Weight: 2.75lbs (1.25kg)
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs
  • Adjustable length: 220-230 cm
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