Anti-Spill Kitchenware Deflector

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Anti-Spill Kitchenware Deflector
Anti-Spill Kitchenware Deflector

Anti-Spill Kitchenware Deflector

  • Making you enjoy cooking easily. This funnel can make you fastly and precisely pour away the water, soup, or other liquid with less waste and without messy. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Main Features

  • Perfect For Your Kitchen
    This funnel will attach snugly to most pots, bowls, or pans for easy, no fuss straining, quick, and easy. The pour spout helps to pour the liquid, soup, oil from bowls, pans, pots to prevent messy spills. Best colander set for your kitchen.
  • Perfect Drainage Tool
    Contemporary, Sleek, the New Standard in Kitchenware. Eliminates the transferring process. No need to hold a strainer or a lid against the pot while trying to drain boiling hot excess liquid. To drain the oil or water has never been so simple.
  • Spill-resistant
    Curved design, diversion smoother. Solution flow along with the guide mouth naturally, no-spill. The clips’ snapped the pot, pouring slowly, do not worry about water, soup, oil, and more will be poured out too much every time and no more mess.
  • Match Various Models
    No need to have bulky colanders of different sizes sitting around. All you need is the silicone small size strain, space-saving kitchen gadget effectively strains food by clipping on side of the pot, allowing you to grip pot with two hands.

Using Methods

  • Place the guide on the edge of the pot and pour it out slowly.


  • Silicone
  • 40G
  • Anti-spill Kitchenware Deflector × 1
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