BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire

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BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire
BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire

BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire

This trendy accessory will make your car, bike, or any other vehicle whether 2 wheels, 3 wheels, or 4 wheels look so beautiful on the exterior.

Add A Little Spare Tire On Your Vehicle!

BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire

This cute little tire will add a big effect on the total exterior looks of any bicycle or vehicle. It’ll look so awesome that you always want to see it. It will not affect vehicle performance or obstruct any view that might cause accidents since this is most likely to be placed at the rear part of the vehicle.

Durable & Sturdy Materials

Designed to be tough and able to withstand any weather conditions. Made from rubber, and steel materials. This mini spare tire is built to last.

With mini shovel & antenna for added design

This cute little tire is equipped with an antenna and a stylish mini shovel for added coolness and serene. This is something you’re always going to see, so make it something extra beautiful.

Easy to place or install

Installing this mini spare tire is not a problem, in fact, it can be installed in a breeze. A 3M mounting glue or adhesive which is included in the package will attach it in the rear part of any vehicle.

Available in 3 variant choices

These cute mini tires are available in 3 choices. You can opt for a tire only, tire + red shovel, or tire + red shovel + antenna.
A cool decoration that gives your vehicle a superb look
Owning a vehicle requires additional costs to maintain, repair, and make it look good.

Installing BikeDECO+ Mini Spare Tire is an economical way to beautify your ride.

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Material: Rubber + Metal

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Options

  • Option A – Tire Only
  • Option B – Tire + Red Shovel
  • Option C – Tire + Red Shovel + Antenna
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