BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner

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BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner
BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner

BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner

Always keep your chain fully secure even when biking at high speeds!

Be equipped with the BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner. Then you can enjoy riding freely and safely on any trail!


KEEPS CHAIN IN POSITION – The tensioner device helps you achieve high engine efficiency. It prevents slack on the chain that can cause flabby engine response and weaker torque.

PREVENTS MISHAPS – In addition to improving motor response, the tensioner will prevent the chain from slipping, falling off or tangling. This ensures greater safety in riding.

STEADY PERFORMANCE – The chain tensioner relies on its powerful torsion spring to keep up uniform torque. This will give you a reliable ride with no erratic behavior.

SELF-ADJUSTING MECHANISM – You don’t have to keep stopping to adjust the device. The tensioner automatically adjusts while your are motoring. It also makes it easier to do chain adjustments with your own hands, if you like.

REDUCES WEAR & TEAR – With this device granting your bike higher efficiency performance, you’ll save your chain a lot of strain. Having this equipped can greatly maximize the chain life.

UNIVERSAL FIT – The tensioner is designed to fit easily into any motorcycle, dirt bike, motocross bike and most standard ATVs. It is simple to install and requires no drilling or modification to attach – just clamp it on.

Prevent chain lag while high speed riding on your motorbike. Order the BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner today!


Material: Aluminum Alloy / Plastic (wheel)

Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.5 x 8 cm

Net Weight: 0.5 kg

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc BikerMAX Auto-Adjusting Chain Tensioner

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