BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pad

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BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pad
BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pad

BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pad

Feel Sexy & Confident With The Perfect Firm Breast!

Our BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pads embedded with 6 therapeutic magnets, offering an invisible massage experience for Instant push-up & deep cleavage effect!

POWERFUL Anti-Gravity & Anti-Sagging
To enhance the blood circulation in  the breast area for PERMANENT LIFTING effect! Stimulates Metabolism
Stimulates metabolism & prevents atypical breast tissue hyperplasia due to the circulation problemIncrease Breast Size
With the improvement of blood circulation, leading to a smooth flow of hormones and bigger breast size!Sleevage Reduction
Efficiently clear your lymphatic nodes by removing lymphatic congestion.Invisible 2-Way Lifting Design
Simply just put them under your bra and let the pads do the work!  Smoothes Out Wrinkles
Helps prevent swelling, which keeps your skin flawless and firm!

Color Options: BLACK / BEIGE

1 Pair x BloomUp™ Magnetic Therapeutic Pad

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