ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker

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ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker
ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker

ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker

Making pasta is a tedious job especially for chefs. What more for plain housewives! From dough preparation, achieving the perfect elasticity to slicing into uniform size and thickness is always a challenge.

Introducing this ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker – the portable pasta maker for any house chef! This gadget makes delicious noodle pasta and fresh fettuccine pasta in seconds!

PRIME QUALITY MATERIAL – This is prominently made of a food-grade stainless steel body with some plastic parts and a heavy-duty spring in its screw pump handle. 

EASY PASTA CREATION – First, knead the dough and insert in the maker’s tube-like body. Then push and screw noodles straight out into your pan!

VARIOUS PASTA MOLDS and TYPES – It comes with 5 various stainless disks molds attachments for different pasta thickness, texture, and shape.

SAFE TO USE – This pasta maker can be easily operated even with young kids!  It is non-toxic, rust and corrosion-free and is not dangerous to human health.

HOW TO CLEAN – Disassemble this pasta maker and wash with soap and water. Keep it dry and store for safekeeping.

Enjoy savory fresh noodles made FAST & EASY right straight to your cooking pot with this ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker. Grab yours NOW!


MaterialStainless Steel

Available Options: 2 Heads / 5 Heads

Package Options:

  • 2 Heads – 1 set ChefPRO Express Pasta Maker with 2 Heads (random selected)
  • 5 Heads – 1 set with 5 Heads included (as shown in picture)
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