CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder

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CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder
CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder


CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder

Easily Spray and Dissolve Yearly Greasy Stain

Effortlessly make your household items look “brand new” again with this CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder!

Effectively Achieve Deep Cleaning Action 

  • Formulated with active ingredients that eliminate stains rapidly.
  • Get rid of ingrained stains in any of the household items with CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder.

Long-lasting Effect

Our CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder helps to remove stubborn grease and doesn’t leave a single trace of soap applied.

You can just simply add this to your dirt finish and it will deliver incredible results such as a smooth and glossy finish which lasts up to 3 months!

Easily Gets Rid Of Grime

  • Simply add a pack of All-Purpose Cleaning Powder into the water and it will be instantly foamed to dissolve stubborn stains.

Wide Scope Of Usage

  • Works perfectly in fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass, and more!
  • Eliminates contaminants effortlessly in just 1 wipe.
  • No need to worry about mess cleaning now!

Safe With No Harmful Chemicals

  • Odor-free, No more odor at kitchen!
  • Safe to Use, Non-toxic. No harm to the skin.
  • Ensures polished & grease-free results after cleaning!

No Need To Struggle At Rubbing Stains Anymore!


Ingredient: Sodium Bicarbonate

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Package Inclusion: 1 set of CleanPro Multipurpose Cleaning Powder (3pcs.)

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