CleanseComplex Detox Patch

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CleanseComplex Detox Patch

Consume, Purify and Empower. This CleanseComplex Detox Patch assists you with accomplishing a superior and better figure without diet and medicine.

The natural thinning patch consolidates the best concentrates from Palm leaf rhubarb, Pu’er cha essential oil, Cassia Seed into a super definition. The dissolving gas pedal aides increment metabolic rate, beginning from mid region and help your blood stream well to thin and fix body adequately in daily existence.

The regular fixings work on the body’s circulatory framework, particularly for obstinate fat brought about by helpless blood dissemination. It additionally brings better absorption, helps energy level and eases processing issues.


NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE: The natural fix is a high level body thinning answer for further developed digestion, brings better processing and detox. It lifts your dynamic way of life with improved energy levels and mental concentration.

ADVANCED CLEANSING: The natural concentration additionally lighten and lessen bulging and can help end waste and poisons, for better solid discharges.

SPA LUXURY AT HOME: Partake in our envelop by the solace of your home and get a good deal on costly spa medicines.

FEEL ENERGIZED: Lift your dynamic way of life with improved energy levels and mental concentration.

EASY TO USE AND INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES: It will work once you put it on. It stays on in any event, when you work out or rest so you can get your normal outcome faster.

CleanseComplex Detox Patch


1. Apply one patch each day, for as long as 8 hours

2. Keep yourself appropriately hydrated while wearing the patch

3. You might apply the patch on different regions, yet applying the patch straight over the paunch region will expand results.

4. Results show up after the primary seven day stretch of utilization.


Ingredients: Palm leaf rhubarb, Pu’er cha essential oil, Cassia Seed


CleanseComplex Detox Patch 5/10 pcs

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CleanseComplex Detox Patch
CleanseComplex Detox Patch
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