Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag


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1.Made from high quality food-grade plastic, safe and foldable, convenient to carry and reusable.

2.No leaks and easy to fill and even easier to empty. Great for music festivals/concert.

3.Plastic Drinks Flasks can be folded, and the screw cap can help to seal the bag tightly without worrying about leaks.

4.Bottles can stand up after they are full of water and you can freeze them in summer and come with lids to prevent leakage.

5.Transparent beverage bag with handheld design, easy to carry.Bring your beverages with you to hiking, cycling, or when going to the beach, pool, cruise, etc.

6.Perfect packaging bag for juice, milk, drinking, jelly, vinegar, soy sauce, wine, oil, Laundry detergent pack.Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag

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Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag
Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag
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