Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream

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Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream
Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream


Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream

Reverse to your normal hair and Get Rid of Hair Loss!

Repair the color of your hair as you hide the forming gray hair with the Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream.

The Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream is formulated to instantly cover gray hair and restore your natural hair’s color after use.


  • Gray Hair Cover:
    Herbs activates hair follicles to produce pigment from root to reduce gray or white hair growth permanently.
  • Instant Results:
    Get your original and natural hair color while covering the gray ones in just minutes.
  • Moisturizing & Repair Damage:
    Dyeing your hair and repairing follicle at the same time with the Vitamin E, no more worry for causing frizzy hair!
  • Natural Ingredients:
    Chemical-free, safe for everyone and will not cause any irritation or allergy.
  • Easy Steps:
    Apply Hair dye cream and wait for 15-20mins, rinse by water and using shampoo to clean, get an energetic look now!


  • Net Content: 100ml
  • Ingredients: Ginger Extract, Mint Leaves, Black Sesame, Polygonum


  • Hairadise™ Black Dye Cream
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