HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet

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HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet
HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet

HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet

Achieve a plumper, lifted and firm butt effortlessly by just wearing this HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet!

This Butt firming anklet is a combination of hematite stones and magnetic fields that has an impressive muscle toning and fat-burning properties.


Effectively works by eliminating fat cells and cellulites while firming the muscles in your butt.


Hematite stones are also known to be hinger suppressant that effectively helps you curb your cravings to support your weight-loss journey! It also supports proper blood circulation, making it a must-have in your healing crystal tool kit.


  • NATURAL BUTT ENHANCEMENTThis anklet targets your backside area to give your butt a natural boost, allowing you to achieve a firmer and plumper butt effortlessly!

  • BOOST METABOLISM. Its natural stones effectively boost metabolism and digestion that can help you achieve slimmer body without too much effort.
  • PROVIDES BETTER SLEEP. Its magnetic fields effectively improve your body’s melatonin production which is a hormone that regulates your sleep patterns.
  • HEALTHY MIND AND BODY. Balances body energy, relieves stress and calms the body and mind, improves blood flow, relieves all forms of pains and keeps the body cells functioning maximally.
  • STYLISH DESIGN. The potential health and wellness benefits may be the primary reason to choose magnetic anklets but these are also having the style that goes perfectly to any outfits.
  • FIT TO ALL ANKLET. It is a one size fits all. It has an elastic band that can fit to any ankle size. It has a funky design making it ideal for everyday wear. Perfect gift to yourself, family, and friends.


  • Materials: Hematite Stone
  • Item Type: Anklets


  • 1 x HematiteLift™ Butt Toning Anklet
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