IceMaker Magic Trick


IceMaker Magic Trick
IceMaker Magic Trick

IceMaker Magic Trick

An upcoming party is nearing the date?

Surprise your friends and family with this IceMaker Magic Trick!

This magic trick will make you look like a real magician even if you haven’t done one before. These magic crystals will turn into fake ice when poured onto water. And the best thing is that the fake ice looks just like the real deal.

  • JAWDROPPING MAGIC TRICK – Water into ice “real quick”! The magic crystals contain a special formula that enlarges them when soaked in water.
  • REALISTIC APPEARANCE – Looks just like the real deal! When transformed, the crystals will have a transparent look on them like real ice — making them amazing illusions for magic tricks.
  • SIMPLE PREPARATIONS – So easy to use even if you haven’t done a magic trick before! Simply pour it directly into plain water and sleep on it for 10 hours to form the fake ice.

  • IDEAL GIFT – Know someone who is an overwhelming passion for magic tricks? Add this to his collection and turn water into ice together.
  • WIDE APPLICATION – Ideal for all kinds of occasions and parties!

Amaze friends and family with this spectacular magic trick!

Get this IceMaker Magic Trick today!


Material: Silica Gel

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