IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet

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IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet
IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet

IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet

Lose body fats, boost those muscles and live a healthier lifestyle wearing this IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet!

Constructed with Neodymium Magnet, this slimming bracelet emits electromagnetic field to a muscle area reproduces the same regenerative, energetic and metabolic responses as physical activity giving you 30 to 40 % improvement in muscle strength.

Its built-in infrared effectively delivers the far-infrared energy to penetrates deeply into the human skin reducing inflammation, strengthens heart health, aids digestion, lowers blood pressure, detoxify body, relieves stress and boosts immune system.

IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet


  • BODY BUILDING BRACELET. Consists of Neodymium Magnet with 3,000 gauss that provides electromagnetic field to a muscle area giving you 30 to 40 % improvement in muscle strength.
  • EFFECTIVELY SLIMS. Its magnetic field power effectively breakdown fats and stimulates expulsion of waste and toxins for a healthier slimming journey.
  • ALLEVIATE BODY PAINS. Effectively promotes pain relief, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and restore positive energy!
  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN. Looks great and fashionable on both Men & Women (Unisex). Different colors to match any attire, style & mood.
  • 100% HYPOALLERGENIC. Guaranteed to be Lead & Nickel free; No more allergic reactions commonly found with stainless steel and copper bracelets & bangles.
  • FOR ALL AGES. It is suitable for men of all ages. it is a perfect gift for boyfriend, husband, father, brother, uncle, special friend, professor, business partner, boss, and more.

IONBuilt™ Body Shaping Bracelet


  • Material: Neodymium Magnet, F.I.R Germanium, Silicone, Titanium Alloy
  • Color; black, silver, white
  • Size: Band length 20cm


  • 1 x IONBuilt Body Shaping Bracelet
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