Mach Shot -A

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Mach Shot -A
Mach Shot -A


Mach Shot -A

  • When we’re gonna wash something clean, we need to have a nozzle that’s going to do something awesome things. The Mach Shot puts the maximum force and water efficiency in the palm of your hand, it delivers 40% more force with less water and will not leak. With continuously adjustable spray for quick clean-up and watering.


  • More Force & Less Water
    Mach Shot is a great tool to clean rooftop gutters or use as a water jet to clear drains or other pipes as well as reaching second-story eaves and windows for cleaning, it delivers 40% more force with less water and without leakage.

  • Ergonomic and Efficient
    Mach Shot 360-degree rotation nozzle can spray everything from a fine mist to a strong jet stream that goes about 40-50 feet, ensures to save you water while still providing ample force for everyday watering applications.
  • Fully Adjustable and Controllable
    Mach Shot is easy to adjust with one hand and it enables you to stop the water flow when you don’t need it, allows you to fully control various flow patterns, all are at your fingertips with just a twist of the nozzle.

  • Fits Any Standard Garden Hose
    Works with all standard 3/4” threaded garden hoses. Nice for watering your garden, lawn, grass, and flower beds, cleaning windows, driveway, gutter way, siding, porch, also nice for washing your car, dogs, and pets.
  • Heavy Duty Solid Brass
    Crafted from commercial-grade, solid brass material. With superior construction that will withstand any weather, will never degrade rust or corrode, get Mach Shot now to be your watering accessory and assistant.



APPLICATION Car Washing / Household / Agricultural Irrigation
  • 96G
  • 1 × Mach Shot

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