Multi-Head Hot Wind Comb

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Multi-Head Hot Wind Comb

Hey girls!

Are you still worrying about not having enough tools?

Are you still worrying about having to go to a professional barber shop to change your hairstyle? How Troublesome! (*≧m≦*)

Our multifunctional comb is for you!
With five replaceable heads, you can enjoy salon services at home!
√ Blow hair Quickly
√ Fluffy Hair
√ Straighten Hair
√ Curling Hair
√ Various Hair Styles


5-in-1 Design

Equipped with 5 interchangeable heads, it makes drying, straightening, curling, plumping and scalp massage a breeze. Combining blow-drying with styling can suit different hair lengths and create different styles.

Create Different Hairstyle

Multifunctional hair combs meet all hair style needs, such as short hair with slight curls, short hair with inner buckles, long hair with slight curls, long hair with big waves, Korean waves, Korean flares, air bang, bangs rollovers, etc.

Hair Care

Our hair comb neutralizes static electricity, effectively locks in moisture, smooths frizz, closes hair scales, and reduces split ends. Reduce the damage to the hair while doing the hairstyle, and nourish the hair.

3Types of Wind Power

The hair comb provides 3 types of wind power, allowing you to complete your hairstyle faster and more conveniently. Intelligent constant temperature control to avoid temperature instability and damage to hair.

Thoughtful Design

The non-slip handle is ergonomic and feels great, and the 2-meter power cord can be rotated 360°, which is convenient and quick to operate the comb.


Made of high-quality environmentally friendly and high-temperature resistant materials, it is featured with high heat resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties.

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Multi-Head Hot Wind Comb
Multi-Head Hot Wind Comb
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