OneSwipe™ Trio Eyeshadow Palette

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OneSwipe™ Trio Eyeshadow Palette

Achieve stunning eye make up in just one smooth glide with this OneSwipe™ Trio Eyeshadow Palette!

This makeup palette allows you to create quick and effortless chic beauty looks in just one swipe.

It is a handy shadow pact with a trio of complementary colors for creating gradient eye looks.

Features expertly-chosen hues to enhance your eyes; soft and silky texture that provides a smooth and seamless finish and fine powder pigments that are easy to pick up and apply.


  • ONE-SWIPE APPLICATION. Designed with trio-colors for instant gradient shading! Creates gorgeous, smooth, shimmery eye makeup without layering and blending.
  • LEGANT & SHIMMERY. Our Dual-Color Eyeshadow has highly pigmented colors with exquisite glitters and smooth texture giving you stunning eye makeup every time!

  • MIX AND MATCH. Mix & Match 3 colors in just one swipe one step. Each shade can be used alone or in combination.
  • LONG LASTING GLAM. Waterproof, no smudging with a degree of coloration. It will not be smeared due to the soaking of rain and sweat.
  • EASY TO APPLY. With your finger or brush simply press it on the 3 colors at once and swipe it across your eyelids for a conveniently quick yet sophisticated eye makeup.
  • COMPACT DESIGN. With its compact packaging you can conveniently carry it with you for makeup retouch everywhere, anytime. Available in various shade combination.


  • Color:

1. Rosie Blush
2. Dreamy Coral
3. Creamy Gold
4. Velvet Delight
5. Flaming Peach
6. Nude Soul
7. Earthy Cherry
8. Choco Plum

  • Net Content: 4g


  • 1 x OneSwipe™ Trio Eyeshadow Palette


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