Professional Slick-back Grooming Comb

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Professional Slick-back Grooming Comb

Turn messy bed head into perfect slicked-back look in one brush with this comb! 

  • Perfect Slicked-back Look In One Comb! Forget about lengthy styling! This two-sided grooming comb let you achieve the perfect slicked-back cool look!

  • One Brush For The Perfect Slicked-Back Style! Achieve the perfect slicked-back look in one brush with this comb! Get the perfect classy style instantly with this comb!

  • Create Versatile Style! With the dual-edge design, you can easily create different kinds of slicked-back depending on your likings! Use the wide-toothed side for a loose modern look or use the dense side for the classic slick! 

  • The Ultimate Grooming! This grooming comb comes with 3 sides, perfectly caters to your need for backcombing, sectioning and teasing! The premium PC materials makes it durable and easy to wash after use!

  • Unisex Grooming! This grooming comb is perfect for people of any sex to achieve the ideal slick-back look!


  • Dimensions: No.6 (18.7* 6.7* 0.4cm) ; No.7 (17* 4.7* 0.4cm)
  • Weight: No.6 (18g) ; No.7 (17g)
  • Materials: Premium PC Materials


  • 1* Professional Slick-back Grooming Comb
Professional Slick-back Grooming Comb
Professional Slick-back Grooming Comb

8 in stock