[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit

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[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit
[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit

[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit

Get creative with our Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit today! Personalize your own resin block photo and let your creativity run wild!


Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit comes with a set of a 100g epoxy resin glue, 2 different sized resin mould and 6 various colour bottles of alcohol ink!


The photo resin kit mould has set features of a heart-shaped and round shaped mould to meet your different needs!


The mould is made of high-quality silicone, it has good flexibility and durable with a clear shape. Apart from that, the mould has smooth interiors. So, the finished product will be easy to release. After extrusion deformation, it can be reused!


Because it is reusable, you can apply them repeatedly for many times. The right size is also great for beginners to practice. Just let your ideas run wild, let you, your family and friends have a wonderful experience creating their own resin photo block!


A romantic choice to making a surprising and creative gift with our mould. You could design your unique handmade photo frame and give it as a gift to friends or family on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, anniversary and more, to express your best wishes!

How to use: –

  1. Measure the epoxy resin glue into a cup.
  2. Pour a little of the mix into the molds to create a small layer to place the photo.
  3. Place the photo in an upside-down manner into the mix, gently use a toothpick to submerge the whole photo into the mix. NOTE: Pop the bubbles if there is any
  4. Cover for at least 3 hours!
  5. Once it is hardened, drip any colors of alcohol ink that you like! It could be multiple colors! Dripping white alcohol ink pushes color down, makes piece opaque.
  6. Let it rest for at least 12 hours or more!
  7. Once it is completely hardened, demold it and VOILA! You got a personalized resin photo block!

Specialize a resin gift for the loved ones during festive season! DIY your own photo resin using our Craftric™ Photo Resin Kit now!


Mold Material: Silicone

Package Inclusion: Resin Set – 1 Bottle Expoxy (100ml)
Square Set Mold – Big 1pc + Small 1pc
Round Set Mold – Big 1pc + Small 1pc
Heart Shape Set Mold – Big 1pc + Small 1pc
Set A – Resin Set 1set + Square Set Mold 1set
Set B – Resin Set 1set + Round Set Mold 1set
Set C – Resin Set 1set + Heart Shape Set Mold 1set

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