[PROMO 30% OFF] DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour

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[PROMO 30% OFF] DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour
[PROMO 30% OFF] DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour

[PROMO 30% OFF] DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour

Embellish Paintings With Sparkling Glitter Resin Topcoat!

Most people are familiar with protecting art with glass or plexiglass in a frame. But sealing with resin is a great alternative – it provides a clear, glossy, protective finish, like what glass and plexiglass too! With our DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour, it will give an Eye-Catching Glittery Effect to your painting!

Our DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour is self-leveling, non-yellowing, and non-toxic! It can be used by anybody!

There are few things to be taken into consideration before starting the process of Resin Coating on your Painting! PREP YOUR PAINTING! It is important to ensure your painting be balanced perfectly to spread the resin out evenly. Also, ensure there is no dust or debris on the surface of the painting, wipe with a damp cloth if needed!

How to seal art with Glitter Resin Topcoat:

  1. MIX THE RESIN – Measure equal parts resin and hardener and pour into a cup for mixing. TIP: DO NOT pour the mixture from high above, as it can result in the formation of microbubbles. Mix it thoroughly, for 3-5 minutes.
  2. ADD IN GLITTER POWDER – After Resin has been mixed thoroughly, add in the glitter and continue mixing for another 2-3 minutes, until evenly mixed.
  3. POUR AND SPREAD – Pour resin evenly over the surface and spread the resin to each edge and corner with a plastic scrapper or something disposable like a popsicle stick (prevent using hand). Even when the resin is self-leveling, it is a good idea to spread it out manually.
  4. REMOVE BUBBLES – A few minutes after spreading the resin across the painting, bubbles still begin to rise on the surface. To get rid of these, it is best to use a torch on a low flame! Hold the torch 8 inches away and keep moving. TIPS: DO NOT hold the torch in one place for too long as it will cause permanent damage to the surface.
  5. COVER AND CURE – As the painting cures, ensure to cover the painting to prevent dust or dirt to land on the curing paint. Allow 24-72 hours for the painting to be fully cured!

The resin will protect your painting art for years and it does not require a proper glass frame on top!

Protects Your Painting & Makes It Shine Bright Like A Diamond!
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Package Inclusion/s: 1 SET (x1 100ml Resin & x5 of glitter) DIYResin™️ Sparkling Glitter Pour

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