[PROMO 30% OFF] DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue

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[PROMO 30% OFF] DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue
[PROMO 30% OFF] DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue

[PROMO 30% OFF] DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue

No More Drips On The Resin With Resin Drips Preventing Glue!

Effortlessly Prevent Resin From Dripping!

Applying Resin Drips Preventing Glue at the back of resin art is a quick and easy way to prevent drips from forming directly on your artwork. Our Glue will catch the drips as they form.

Leaving Clean & Non-sticky Surface

Goes transparent after drying, would not affect overall appearance of artistic work dries quickly and is adjustable before setting. Save time and reduce mess!

Simple, Quick & Easy

Once you pour and spread Resin on your artwork, it’s going to start to self-level.

Any excess resin will spill over the edges and collect on the bottom of your piece, leaving you with hard, cured resin drips.

DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue make sure epoxy pour didn’t ruin the design on the back. It peels right off!

Safe and durable

The glue made of  safe & reliable materials, acid free and non-toxic, strong adhesive, extra clear transparency. It is easy to use, peel and clean up.

A great choice for wild range of art materials such as paper, wood, display board, fabric. Also used for filling up the small gap


1. Apply DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue at back of your resin design.

2. Wait for it to dry/ dry it with heat gun

3. Pour resin on top of your resin design

4. After the resin cured, peel of the preventing glue at the back.

The Perfect Glue For Any Resin Project!

Grab your DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue TODAY!



Package Inclusion/s: 1 Bottle DripsOFF™ Resin Drips Preventing Glue

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