[PROMO 30% OFF] StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat

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[PROMO 30% OFF] StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat
[PROMO 30% OFF] StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat

[PROMO 30% OFF] StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat

Hand up if you hate when your resin gets sticky and tacky before curing! Sticky and tacky resins occur when it starts curing in cold temperature! No worries, YES you can solve these sticky and tacky resins by using our StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat!

SAFE AND BALANCED HEATING – our StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat is safe and distributes balanced temperatures! It provides a soft provides soft and warm heat for your curing resins to prevent them for being sticky and tacky!

OVERHEATING PROTECTION, SLOW HEATING – Resin Heat Mat is designed to prevent overheating. It takes about half an hour to heat up properly. You can leave your resin in a cup and leave it on the heating pad to let it slowly get heated up. But if you are worried that it gets too hot, our Resin Heat Mat has a regulating power switch to adjust to your desired temperature!

EFFORTLESS SETUP AND OPERATION – Our Resin Heat Mat comes with a manual, so if you are uncertain on how to operate it, it is there for you to study! However, our Resin Heat Mat is so easy to use, it only has 3 buttons! With 3 buttons, you can set the temperature or switch the display between Fahrenheit or Celsius in seconds!

No more sticky and tacky resin today! Get your resin crafts perfectly cured! With our StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat, you can Get Sparkling Clear Resin Everytime!


Unit Weight:     210g

Package Inclusion/s 1PC of  StickFree™️ Resin Heat Mat

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