Rosin short circuit detector

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Rosin short circuit detector
Rosin short circuit detector

Rosin short circuit detector

Rosin flux can be used to detect damaged parts on PCBs that were usually overlooked before.

Use rosin flux to smoke on the PCB and perform multiple times to cover the entire surface. Then use the laboratory power supply to locate the damaged part.


You can locate it quickly and easily, and the probe helps to touch wires in crowded places.


Save time and effort, make your repairs faster and easier to find faults, try to find out the faults in the circuit.



  • Used for motherboard maintenance and inspection
  • Small size and easy to operate
  • No need for soldering iron
  • Built-in battery, rechargeable


  • Product: Short Circuit Detector
  • Function: Rosin flux atomizer PCB short circuit detector
  • Application: For cell phone repair
  • Color: Black


Package includes:

  • Style 1: bulb atomizer set + rosin
  • Style 2: rosin
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