Skin Smoothing Yogurt Mud Mask

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Skin Smoothing Yogurt Mud Mask


Skin Smoothing Yogurt Mud Mask

Our Skin Smoothing Yogurt Mud Mask is a easy to apply mask that helps to renew your skin into new-born condition. It works to  boosts skin detoxification to gently remove oil, toxins and dirt that clog pores, instantly clarifying and tightening pores in just 5 minutes

Our mud mask is formulated with advanced and natural ingredients to help
 visibly improve skin tone and elasticity. After just one treatment, your skin will be immediately soothed and rejuvenated
, looking more radiant and healthy.

With the deep nourishing effect, it helps your skin recover the healthy, luminous look of youth. The best method to instantly minimising pores on your face!

  • Blackheads Removal & Pores Minimizing :
    Boosts skin detoxification to gently remove oil, toxins and dirt that clog pores, instantly clarifying and tightening pores in just 5 minutes.

  • Improve Skin Tone:
    The mask works to vsibly improve skin tone and elasticity. After just one treatment, your skin will be immediately soothed and rejuvenated, looking more radiant and healthy.

  • Moisturizing Skin:
    With the deep nourishing effect, it helps your skin recover the healthy, luminous look of youth.

  • Improves Elasticity & Firming :
    The mask works to prevent the skin around the face and neck from sagging, while increasing the elasticity of the skin, let your skin be firm, toned with natural radiance.
  • Premium Quality:
    Formulated with advanced and natural ingredients. Suitable for All type of skins.


  • Net Weight : 80g


  1. Clean your face with warm water, as well as opening up the pores on face for better absorption.
  2. Apply the mask on your face. (Avoid the eye and lip area.)
  3. Wait for 5 – 8 minutes until the mask is dried.
  4. Done with the greatest results you have ever seen on your face!


  • 1 pc x Skin Smoothing Yogurt Mud Mask
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