Small DIY Polishing Machine

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Small DIY Polishing Machine


  • This is a multifunctional belt sander, mini portable, low noise, can be used for high-speed steel drill bit rough grinding, blade edging, fine grinding tungsten steel turning tool, polishing Bodhi root, etc., easy to install and operate, is a home DIY tool.

  • Made of fine quality metal, not easy to rust, wear-resistant, has a long service life. Built-in double bearing, non-slip and dustproof.
  • The base is stable and sturdy, can be placed on the table, labor-saving. The design of the eccentric adjustment wheel can adjust the verticality of the belt. The belt adjustment wheel has a spring structure to automatically adjust the tightness.

  • The worktable can adjust the angle freely, and the slave adjustment wheel adds a slot, which can slide up and down without popping up.

Color: silver

Material: metal

Voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz

Rated voltage: DC 12-24V

No-load speed: 4500-9000RPM (adjustable)

No-load temperature: 26℃-45℃

Noise: 75-85db

Belt size: 330 * 10mm / 13.0 * 0.4in (60/80/120/150/180/240/320/400/600/800 mesh)

Machine size: 170 * 150 * 115mm / 6.7 * 5.9 * 4.5in

Machine weight: 1022g / 2.3lb

Package Includes: 1 * Belt Sander, 5 * Wrench, 10 * Sand Belt  (Only the above package content, other products are not included)

Small DIY Polishing Machine
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