Tactical Stainless Steel Bull Headgear Belt Buckle

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The Bull Skull Push Knife is the perfect EDC push knife for self defense. It can be worn either as a necklace or clipped to your pants, making it highly concealable. The knife securely fastens into the skull but can easily be deployed with one hand. The smaller blade means it isn’t going to get in the way like other push knives. With a beautifully designed VG10 Damascus steel blade and awesome looking metal skull sheath, this is truly an amazing push knife.


  • Concealable – Can’t tell it’s a knife just by the outer appearance alone. Fits right into the bull skull. Can be carried on your side on around your neck. Easy to deploy and sheath.
  • High Quality – The VG10 Damascus steel blade and solid stainless steel skull make this a durable, high quality push knife that is more than just looks.
  • Easy to Use – The wide handle makes it easy to handle. The knife is light and can be wielded by anyone. Can easily be deployed and sheathed.

Premium quality
Made of high quality stainless steel, this metal belt buckle is very durable, solid, anti-rust and high strength.
Unique design
Special bull head design, vivid and cool, show others your styles and personality.
This metal product can be used as a belt buckle or a pendant, a keychain,a self-defense tool, etc.
It is has a small size, easy to conceal, portable design, you can use it anywhere you need.

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Tactical Stainless Steel Bull Headgear Belt Buckle
Tactical Stainless Steel Bull Headgear Belt Buckle

7 in stock