DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil

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DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil

Eliminate lumps and stiff necks with this DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil!
When you notice you have a bump on the base of your neck and have a forward head posture where your head is jutting forward… Yes, you may have  Dowager’s HumpNo worries, DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil is an all-natural solution to heal it anytime!
DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil is an organic massage oil which focus on effective lymph nodes elimination and instant pain relief.
Composed of 100% natural ingredients, including Ginger Extract, Grape seed oil, Mineral oil that advantageously reduce swelling as it releases the clogged lymph nodes and it also reduce the tissues and fat cells. It evicts the waste and toxins in the body and provide instant relief for Muscle Strain, Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee and Elbow Pain.

It manifests Dowager’s Hump’s healing by strengthening the upper back muscles, increasing tone that helps pull up the shoulders and head. Its anti-inflammatory substance is effective to drain lymph and promote blood circulation which is safe, efficient and no harm to skin.
The thermal effect of DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil provides a more soothing and quick relief up to 8 hours. It provides an aromatic relief together with a therapeutic stroke of your massage.
Suitable Group:
All Skin Types
Both Men and Women, ideal for people with Dowager’s Hump, Stiff Neck, Strained Muscles and more.
Product included:
1pc / 3 pcs x Organic DowagerHump MassagingOil (10ml)

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DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil
DowagerHump Organic Massaging Oil
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