Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box

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Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box
Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box

Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box

Cracked eggs in your fridge???

You’re not storing them properly.
Too many eggs, too little space!

This Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box is the BEST solution to your egg-keeping dilemma…

Store eggs SAFELY and
keep them fresh ALWAYS!!!

Easily check the status of your egg supply…

Transparent, Sloped, & Anti-Collision Design

Innovative design makes storing/dispensing eggs

One tray fits 24 eggs at once

Roomy Egg Container

Are you an avid egg purchaser? There’s enough room for all your egg-storing needs!

Prevents rotten and broken eggs…

Ventilated & Stackable

Perfect for storing in cupboards, fridge, and more!

The BEST egg storage solution!!!

Save up fridge space… With Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box, go ahead and organize those eggs neatly and safely. Now you can keep ALL your eggs in one basket (or box)!


Size: Approx. 31.2 x 24.9 x 6.5 cm

Main Material/s: BPA-Free ABS & PE

Net Weight: About 0.292kg

Available Colors: White / Gray

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Easy Egg Storage Dispenser Box

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