EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray

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EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray
EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray


EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray

SPAY & WIPE – Cleaning Has Never Been This Hassle-free!

Do you have YEARS of stains on your couch, sofa or your favourite shoes that you cannot get rid of? EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray is the game-changer!

Our EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray is the best stain fighter that helps you get rid of the toughest dried-in stain with the advanced fast-acting formula. Just SPAY & Wipeeliminate the stains and leave protective fabric coating at the same time!


  • Simple 2 Steps – Spay & Wipe:

    Eliminate the toughest stain in just 2 steps! SPRAY & SWIPE ! All the stain will be dissolved magically right in front of your eyes.

  • 5X Cleaning Power: Any Stain, Any Odor:

    Removes the stubborn stains and horrible odor.

  • High-Tech Protective Fabric Coating:

    Protects the fabric from stains and water while maintaining its breathability.

  • Unique 2-in-1 Formula:

    Not only help you get the toughest stains out, but also protect against the future soiling.

  • Rinse-Free:

    Water-based solution only needs water to transform in foam form, no rinsing is required after cleaning.

  • Safe On Any Surface

    Cloth, Shoes, Knits, Furniture, Suede, Felts, Carpet, Jackets, Curtains, Leather, Canvas and more

  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic:

    Effective alternative to the hidden dangers of commonly used household chemicals.


  • Net Weight: 150ml


  • 1x EasyRASE™ Fabric Cleansing Spray


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