Genuine Alexandrite Gemstone Ring

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Genuine Alexandrite Gemstone Ring

Genuine Alexandrite Gemstone Ring

The Ring is Handmade by GenieMania Healing Crystals.

100% Authentic.


In addition to revealing one’s destiny, traits and powers, wearing Alexandrite also keep the wearer protected with a superlative halo of crystal aura around.

Alexandrite wearers also grow intuition in addition to grounding and the same helps in advanced mindful meditation techniques.


A supportive stone ideal for people feeling lonely or suffering from varying degrees of mental trouble such as depression and stress, Alexandrite is a de-addiction crystal too. Wearing the purple healing crystal on you will drain repressed sorrows straight out.

Alexandrite can also keep evil thoughts and negativity away from the wearer through dream therapy.

If you’re in grief, Alexandrite can be your best shoulder too. The comforting healing crystal is a stone that accelerates your spirit experience and enlightenment too. Additionally, amethyst also opens the mind to acceptance, forgiveness and peace.


Item Type: Rings

Material: Alexandrite & White Topaz

Rings Type: Bridal Sets

Metals Type: Silver Stamped

Ring Size: 5 – 12

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