MagnetCure™ Anti-Varicose Veins Shoes Pad

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MagnetCure™ Anti-Varicose Veins Shoes Pad

POWER UP Your Every Step! 
The Magic of The Magnetic Stones
With MagnetCure , we have succeeded in developing a system of individual magnetic insoles that give the foot optimal support and stability, serve as a  Medical-grade PU gel ultra-soft pad in the event of inflammation and pain, or specifically stimulate nerves in order to provide the varicose vein treatment.

Micro-Magnetic Stimulation
Magnetic therapy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation.

Varicose Vein Treatment
Enhances the metabolism, improves the blood circulation and reduce the blood pressure.
Anti-Swelling Effect
Stimulating your blood cells to allow them picking up more oxygen and energy to detoxify body, getting rid of excess water and fat.
Reduces Muscle Aches & Pain:
Insert magnetic stone massage the heel, efficiently reduces the redness and soreness caused by the inflammation
Strong Self-Adhesive:
Medical-grade PU gel material which is reusable and washable. Stay in place all day! Fits work boots, casual shoes & sneakers, open-toe slide, sandals.

Size: Small (For Woman): 9x5cm
Large (For Men): 10.7x6cm
1 Pair x MagnetCure™ Anti-Varicose Veins Shoes Pad
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MagnetCure™ Anti-Varicose Veins Shoes Pad
MagnetCure™ Anti-Varicose Veins Shoes Pad
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