[PROMO 30% OFF] Golfers™ Chalk Reel Line

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[PROMO 30% OFF] Golfers™ Chalk Reel Line
[PROMO 30% OFF] Golfers™ Chalk Reel Line


[PROMO 30% OFF] Golfers™ Chalk Reel Line

Makes A Perfectly Straight Line Over A Long Distance So Quickly And Reliably.

What the Pro’s do: Tournament professionals use the following drill to improve their putter face alignment, putting technique, and confidence.

Golfers™  Chalk Reel Line is the first chalk line specifically made for golfers by golfers. Many PGA Pros have long used a chalk line to master the art of putting. Now, the most effective practice aid for putting is available to golfers of all handicaps.

Straight is Great
We all know our eyes can play tricks on us when standing over a putt. Golfers™  Chalk Reel Line gives us the ability to practice our club path, starting line, and eye line which builds muscle memory for when it counts the most.

Perfectly Straight Line
See the perfect line all the way to the hole. No more guessing!

Hole More Putts
PGA Pros make 99% of putts from 3 feet. Hit your line with pace to sink more putts.

Easy to Use
Pull. Pluck. Putt. It’s that simple. Keep Golfers™  Chalk Reel Line in your bag for easy access every practice session.

The chalk line allows you to be sure that the yellow line on the putter face is square to the target which promotes the proper stroke path and provides a visual aid to help you align your feet and body square to the target line.

Pull. Pluck. Putt.

1.) Place tee in the ground

2.) Drawstring straight and taut until the desired distance

3.) Gently pluck string so chalk line appears on putting green

4.) Reel string back into the device

5.) Sink more putts!

Putt straight line with ease using Golfers™  Chalk Reel Line! Get yours now!


MaterialsABS Plastics

Length: 7.5m

Colors: Yellow

Package Inclusion/s: 1PC Golfers™  Chalk Reel Line (with ink)

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