Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule


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What causes constipation?

Hard, dry stools are the result of the colon absorbing too much water. Normally, as food moves through the colon (also known as the large intestine) the colon absorbs water while forming stool (waste products). Muscle contractions then push the stool toward the rectum, and, by the time the stool reaches the rectum, most of the water has been absorbed, making the stool solid.

Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule

When the colon’s muscle contractions are slow or sluggish, the stool moves through the colon too slowly, absorbing too much water. Some of the most common causes of constipation include the following:

  • Medications
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not enough liquids
  • Not enough fiber in the diet
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement
  • Changes in habits or lifestyle, such as travel, pregnancy, and old age
  • Problems with intestinal function
  • Abuse of laxatives

How does it work?

Upon insertion into the rectum, Vflux™ engages with the rectal mucosa, facilitating swift absorption of its active constituents into the bloodstream. Harnessing the power of osmotic agents like polyethylene glycol (PEG) and electrolytes, Vflux™ exerts an osmotic action, attracting water into the colon to augment stool volume and consistency. This process softens the stool, making it easier to pass and alleviating discomfort associated with constipation.

Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule

Additionally, Vflux™ contains components that stimulate peristalsis, the rhythmic contractions of intestinal muscles responsible for moving stool through the digestive tract. By enhancing peristalsis, Vflux™ promotes bowel movements, fostering regularity and relieving constipation effectively. Moreover, the formulation may bolster mucus secretion within the intestines, acting as a natural lubricant to facilitate the smooth passage of stool.

Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule

Vflux™ also works to normalize bowel transit time, ensuring that stool traverses the digestive system at an appropriate pace to prevent recurrent constipation. Furthermore, certain ingredients in Vflux™ may help diminish rectal sensation, minimizing discomfort during bowel movements. Importantly, Vflux™ is designed to be non-habit forming, offering relief without the risk of dependency or tolerance associated with some traditional laxatives.

Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule

Harnesses the power of three key ingredients:

Rhodiola rosea: Known for its adaptogenic properties, Rhodiola rosea has been traditionally used to support overall health and well-being. It’s believed to help combat stress, enhance cognitive function, and improve energy levels, contributing to a balanced and resilient body.

Panax notoginseng: Renowned in traditional Chinese medicine, Panax notoginseng is prized for its potential cardiovascular benefits. It’s thought to support healthy blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote heart health, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Angelica sinensis: Also referred to as Dong Quai, Angelica sinensis is celebrated for its women’s health benefits. It’s commonly used to regulate menstrual cycles, alleviate menopausal symptoms, and support reproductive health, making it an essential ingredient for hormonal balance and vitality.

Why Choose Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule?

Fast-Acting Relief: Vflux™ is formulated with a powerful blend of active ingredients that work quickly to alleviate constipation, providing you with prompt relief when you need it most.

Gentle on Your Body: Unlike harsh laxatives that can cause discomfort and irritation, Vflux™ is gentle on your body, offering a smooth and comfortable experience.

Targeted Delivery: With its rectal insertion design, Vflux™ delivers relief directly to the source of the problem, ensuring maximum effectiveness with minimal wait time.

Convenient and Discreet: Vflux™ capsules are easy to use and discreet, allowing you to find relief wherever and whenever you need it, without drawing unwanted attention.

Clinically Proven: Backed by rigorous scientific research and testing, Vflux™ is clinically proven to be safe and effective for relieving constipation.

Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule
Vflux™ Constipation Relief Capsule
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