War relic lamp­č¬ľRemembering that history

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War relic lamp­č¬ľRemembering that history
War relic lamp­č¬ľRemembering that history

War relic lamp­č¬ľRemembering that history

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This must be an epic metal work-a lamp made of the helmet and bayonet of

Fighters of World War II! Each lamp is made of helmets, bayonets and bullets from World War II. You can find their number on the helmet. I spent three years recycling these helmets and bayonets, and I traveled all over Europe. The bullet holes and rust on the helmet are traces of World War II. These helmets bear witness to that cruel history. Of course, they are not cultural relics. You know that Germany invested 10.7 million troops during World War II, so there are many such helmets.
This is a very meaningful work of art. World War II was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. About 60 million people were killed in the war, including about 20 million soldiers and 40 million civilians. Many civilians are caused by deliberate genocide, massacres, mass explosions, disease and starvation.
Therefore, we developed this World War II relic lamp to commemorate and remember that terrible history, and to commemorate all the people who lost their lives in that war!
Battle Lamp-1
This lamp is made from real relics of the Second World War.
The helmet is a German M1942, recovered from the Narva battlefield in Estonia in 1944. The helmet had a lot of battle damage, but it was still very strong. I fixed the cracks on the side with very small welds (see the last photo). The welds were covered by bullet bands, so I couldn’t see them.
The bayonet is a German K98 recovered from Berlin Lamp. The lamp is equipped with a 3-mode flame effect LED bulb. There is a video on the homepage showing the flame effect.
The lamp has been professionally wired and passed the British PAT electrical safety test.
Battle Lamp-2
This lamp is made of real WW2 Battle relics.

The German M1940 helmet was recovered from Stalingrad. There are many paint residues on the helmet, including a small amount of white, which indicates that this was once a winter camouflage.

The helmet had severe combat damage and had multiple bullet holes. The team that restored it said that used bullets from the Russian Mosin Nagan rifle were found nearby.

The barbed wire was recovered from the Netherlands during the Second World War in Germany.

The bayonet with bakelite handle is a German k98 recovered from Germany.

War Light-3

Made with real WW2 Soviet helmets and bayonets recovered from WW2 battlefields in Eastern Europe.

War Light-4

Made from real battle relics

German WW2 helmet at the Battle of Stalingrad and part of WW1 German Mauser at the Battle of Somme.
These lights are battery-powered and we ship free worldwide.
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Each helmet must be sterilized and packaged, and we need about 7-15 days of preparation time to ship it.

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