🎅Christmas Promotion 50% Off – 🔥Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Tin Box

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🎅Christmas Promotion 50% Off - 🔥Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Tin Box
🎅Christmas Promotion 50% Off – 🔥Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Tin Box

🎅Christmas Promotion 50% Off – 🔥Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Tin Box

The delicacy is everywhere, do you smell the fragrant clay pot rice, egg tarts, chicken wings, grilled fish?
Use aluminum foil tin paper tray, convenient, fast, and make more delicious food. What are you waiting for, buy now!


Main Features

There are many uses of the tin foil plate: It can be used for barbecue, steaming, baking, open flame, charcoal grilling, and baking rice. It is also suitable for an air fryer, microwave oven, oven, steamer, etc.
Heat resistance: Made of durable food-grade aluminum foil, safe, sanitary, and healthy. It can be used in high-temperature environments up to 660°C.
The perfect tool for food making: There are 50 pcs in a pack, which is the perfect tableware for catering companies, takeaway shops, deli shops, food party planning, etc.
Easier, less cleaning: Can be used as disposable tableware, no need to wash after use, just discard and recycle. At large family dinners, you no longer need to worry about hours of cleaning afterward.
Rugged and durable: There will be a lot of oily residue during baking, which is difficult to clean. Our aluminum foil tray is oil-proof, waterproof, non-sticky, and not easy to damage, which is suitable for all your baking needs.

Product Weight
  • 6-inch disk (single disk) 50pcs: 186G
  • 7-inch disk (single disk) 50pcs: 327G
  • 8-inch disk (single disk) 50pcs: 465G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 6-inch disk (single disk) : 12.5 × 9 × 4cm / 4.9 × 3.5 × 1.6inches
  • 7-inch disk (single disk): 17.5 × 13.4 × 3.5cm / 6.9 × 5.3 × 1.4inches
  • 8-inch disk (single disk): 20.2 × 16 × 4.2cm / 8 × 6.3 × 1.7inches
Package Contents
  • Oil-Proof Aluminum Foil Tin Box × 1(A pack of 50pcs)
  • Aluminum foil
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