Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Bracelet

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Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Bracelet
Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Bracelet

Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Braceletmprove blood circulation while breaking down fat cells to give you a healthier and balanced body! Introducing the Glittering Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Bracelet.

Shed some weight with the help of powerful magnets and stones! It helps promote faster metabolism so you can burn food and fat faster!

The powerful healing magnets helps you restore cell balance and have improved blood flow.  And it also has Cymophane health stones, which promotes blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the whole body!

Reach your fitness goals faster with the pastel stones bracelet! Its stones possess weight loss effects, that helps you lose weight faster! 

th the pink stones bracelet you gt the benefits of anti-ageig effects that help you regain your youthful look! With a faster cell metabolism, your cells will regenerate faster. It gives you younger, fresher looking skin!

f you’re an active person you should choose the purple stones bracelet. Its effects helps reduce and resolve any pain or inflammation in any part of your body. It’s the perfect bracelet for recovery!

The blue stones bracelet has an energy restoring effect that makes you perform better & last longer in any task! Say goodbye to fatigue from any source!

 r mind  with the green stones bracelet. It has a healing effect that keeps you peaceful and calm. It helps you focus and clear away any negative thoughts!

e the Crysal Detoxer to cleanse and recharge the bracelet. By doing this you help maintain the effects of the Cymophane stones and promote maximum healing properties!

Get the Crystal Detoxer Selenite Point for FREE everytime you order a set! It’s an amazing deal so get yours and order now!


Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Pastel Colors
Ultimate 5pcs Bracelet Set Includes: 5x  Cymophane Crystal Power Ionic Bracelet(All colors) with FREE Crystal Detoxer Selenite Point

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