Early christmas Sale 50%off- Petal Leaf Succulent

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Early christmas Sale 50%off- Petal Leaf Succulent
Early christmas Sale 50%off- Petal Leaf Succulent

Early christmas Sale 50%off- Petal Leaf Succulent

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This incredible-looking succulent is one of the most sought-after rare succulents amongst plant keepers that know of it due to its unique layered petal-like leaves that almost makes it look like green roses and a  natural bonsai-like final mature structure.  The Portulaca Molokiniensis is definitely a one-of-a-kind beauty that would catch the eyes of even the most high-standard plant keeper. We lovingly call it the other desert rose or the petal succulent 😊

Despite its looks, It is a low-maintenance plant with relative ease of care, an embodiment of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover“.  They are perfect for beginners and pros when kept indoors with a decent amount of lightingare potted in fast-draining soil, and watered once a week. If you plan on keeping them outdoors, or planted directly in your garden, make sure you live in a hardiness zone of between 9a to 11b (Do a search on the hardiness of your state if unsure).  Direct your attention their way every now and then to give your eyes a feast and that’s about it to keeping these beauties ❤️
We send  2/4/6″ starting plants in nursery pots or bare rooted during initial delivery.
Nursery Delivery Pot
Genus: Portulaca Molokiniensis

Delivery Pot Material: Plastic


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