[Promo 30%] Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent

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[Promo 30%] Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent
[Promo 30%] Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent

[Promo 30%] Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent

Easily Restore Discolored Lego Parts With Just A Spray!

Yellowing or fading Lego from daily usage, sun damage, or oxidation from your surroundings?! 

Easily restore your Lego colors back to their brand new condition!

Simply Spray for Powerful Whitening Results!
Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent 
can fix yellowed, sun-damaged, or fading blocksEasily restore the color by simply spraying directly on the affected part of your Lego. Its powerful formula improves the appearance of all types of Legos!

No Rubbing or Scrubbing Needed!
Simply spray on the yellowed area and wrap it up for a dayOr you can expose it to the sun for days until you see results. Get the job done with ease!

Lift Off Dirt From Daily Usage
Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent
 has a specially added anti-bacterial ingredient that allows you to protect your family’s health while sterilizing your Legos. Get daily cleaning for your building blocks at the same time.

Easy & Safe To Use
Spray directly on your large amount of Lego that needs color restoration without other additional products. Use Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent on any Lego without damaging its surface color.


Non-Toxic & Non-Irritating Odor
Using a special strong formula that is non-toxic and odorless, allowing you to effectively restore faded Lego without irritation. Use Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent with confidence.

Get Your Lego Back To Its Brand New Color!
Get Yours Now!


Size: 20ml

Package Inclusions: Choose Your Bundle…

  • Buy 1 Only – Get 1pc. Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent
  • Buy 2  – Get 2pcs. Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent
  • Buy 3  – Get 3pcs. Instant Discolored Yellow Lego Agent
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