[PROMO 30% OFF] AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner

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[PROMO 30% OFF] AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner
[PROMO 30% OFF] AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner


[PROMO 30% OFF] AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner

No More Underperform at ball-‘n’-table games like Pool, Snooker and Billiards Anymore!

Perfectly strike the cue ball every time with AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner! 

Correct billiard position, accuracy training and auxiliary seconds

The left and right eyes produce two different images into the brain, which can cause errors. Laser spotting, clear aiming position and eliminate visual errors, help the practitioner to establish correct targeting habits and methods.

Perfect for beginners – Precise guide for lining up shots

With the AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner, you can cover every possible angle and length of shot! Better still, the laser is designed to draw a line up the table too, so straight shots will be a doddle. Naturally, this won’t turn you into Jimmy White, but it’s probably a great way for beginners to play a reasonable game against more experienced buddies.

Correct the rod action

You can’t observe the subtle difference in each shot, but the impact on the ball is different. When the ball is attached to the laser sight, all the slight deviations in your swing are reflected by the laser. Let you see the wrong action that you have previously ignored. By practicing the lever action, the machine is generally accurate, no longer a gambling luck!

How To Use:

1. Install battery in the laser and end cap.
2. Insert the laser into the holder and use the hex key (allen wrench) provided to install the holder onto cue stick.
3. User may adjust the direction of the laser light by screwing the two screws on the head of the laser pointer using hex key.

By placing a crosshair on the ball at which the cue is aimed, you’ll never swipe a shot again! Improve your game with AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner NOW!



Battery: 14250/15270 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery (not included)

Package Inclusion1 Pc AmazeShot™ Snooker Laser Liner + 1Pc Laser Holder

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