[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board

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[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board
[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board


[PROMO 30% OFF] Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board

Make Unique Jewelry Patterns Even With Zero Skills!

Amateur in crafting custom jewelry? Try this Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig BoardCreate your own jewelry style in just a few steps!

Effortlessly Create Unique Handmade Jewelry!

Quickly create unique and handmade decorations that will provide the custom look you are searching for! This dynamic tool allows you to easily bend the wire into letters, words, shapes, and more!

Deluxe & Beginner Models For Your Needs!

Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board comes in two sizes which are upgraded version and normal version! The upgraded version consists of 1 pegboard, 20 small pegs, 4 medium pegs, and 2 aluminum rods. The normal version consists of 1 pegboard and 20 small pegs.

Create Custom Jewelry In Just A Few Steps!

Simply adjust the pegs on the jig base to create patterns of your own or follow the pattern-sheet included with the jig. You can replicate designs consistently time and time again! The clear jig can be placed over any desired pattern for easy transferring of design to the wire.

Versatile Application!

Perfect for making elaborate loops and jewelry components, including necklace links, earrings, pins, clasps, and many other kinds of designs quickly and easily. It is fun to use!

Craft Jewelry Accessories Like A Pro!



Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. Craftsy™ Jewelry Wire Jig Board

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