[PROMO 30% OFF] PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads

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[PROMO 30% OFF] PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads
[PROMO 30% OFF] PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads


[PROMO 30% OFF] PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads

Bored and looking for a new form of art?

Make a Chain Pull Painting Masterpiece in just seconds with this EZPaint Acrylic Chain Pull Beads.


Discover the secrets in creating stunning acrylic poured paintings using “the string/Chain and bead” technique. Create beautiful artwork like patterns, flowers, or abstracts even on your very first try.



  1. Mix your acrylic paint and apply an even coat of paint to the chosen canvas or surface. (You can spread the paint with a palette knife or tilt the canvas and let the paint flow to the edges.)
  2. Dip the bead chain in acrylic paint pre-mixed with pouring medium.
  3. Drape the chain in a curling motion/form onto the canvas.
  4. Pull the chain horizontally off the canvas or any different directions to create more visual interest and the chain will leave interesting forms in its path.
  5. Also, try dipping in multiple colors as it gives a sense of depth to the forms.



Ball bead chains are smooth-surfaced and uniform in bead size. It will not tangle as it has a precise distance between beads. The quality is premium, rust-proof, and durable. You can cut your desired length depending on your project.



These beads easily create unique paintings with fine lines. Simply pour the liquid/acrylic paint and pull the chains! Produce a magnificent and stunning creation that you’re eyes will have a hard time believing.

Be your best artist and discover bead chain pulling as a hobby with the PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads.


Material: Metal

Length: 15cm

Colors Available: Silver

Package Inclusions: 1 pack PaintPro™ Acrylic Chain Pull Beads includes 10pcs.

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