Scarf Knitting Machine Loom Diy Knit Tool

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Scarf Knitting Machine Loom Diy Knit Tool
Scarf Knitting Machine Loom Diy Knit Tool

Scarf Knitting Machine Loom Diy Knit Tool

Weave items any length, and up to 7″ wide using one loom, or connect two or more looms together to weave wider items with no seams- genius!

 Perfect for Kids and Beginners!Now everyone can knit like a pro

It’s simple and absolutely easy to use! If you’ve been wanting to learn how to weave then this is definitely for you! There’s no learning curve! Get your kids weaving too and entertain them for hours on end!

Convenient and Functional Design

This is made of high-quality ABS and features several spinning pegs that speeds up the weaving process! It does everything a traditional loom does but faster!

It also gives you the option to link up several looms together at the sides for wider and bigger projects!

Endless Project Options

There’s just so many things you can create, so many amazing possibilities!

Weave cell phone and tablet cases, scarves, skirts, cuff bracelets, headbands, baskets, pillow covers, throws, potholders, placemats, rugs and more. Weave anything from small, simple purses to large complex items with intriguing patterns, even seamless ones, and in various lengths!


Material: ABS

Size:  355 x 125 x 75 mm

Package included:
1 x Scarf Knitting Machine

1 x Knitting Wool

1 x User Manual

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