ScentMag™ Diffuser

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ScentMag™ Diffuser
ScentMag™ Diffuser

ScentMag™ Diffuser


Why using ScentMag™?
Brings Joy and Aroma to your daily life and provide functional features to everyone!

Simply clip on your mask or collar and enjoy the fresh scent all day long!

Is It Heavy? 
ScentMag™ is only 0.06kg, will not make your mask deformed.

How Long Does Perfume Last? 
It can last for 1-2 weeks for 3-5 drops oil on the aroma cotton.


  • Light-weight
    Made of 316F surgical grade stainless steel. ScentMag™ is only 0.06kg, will not make your mask deformed.
  • Magnetic Clip Design
    Magnetic back buckle keep ScentMag™ in place securely and will not causing hole on clothes or mask.
  • Long Lasting Natural Scent
    Natural fragrance oil can last for 1-2weeks for every 3-5 drops on the aroma cotton core.
  • Multi-Functional
    Apply on mask, shirt collar, cuff, bag or anywhere you want! Great scent will follow you anywhere, keep you in a peaceful & joyful mood!
  • Stylish & Matchy
    Designed in stylish pattern, including life of tree and life of flower which represent joy, fortune and peace. Easily match with your casual or formal outfit.
  • Easy to Use
    Open the lid and put 3-5 drops oil into the aroma cotton. It can be last for 1-2 weeks. Refill fragrance oil twice a week.
  • Reusable & Sustainable
    Washable aroma cotton and container, durable materials can simply rinse by water and dry before use.


  • Size: 12mm in diameter
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 0.06g
  • Material: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel


  • 1 x ScentMag™ Diffuser  &
  • 8 x Aroma Cotton in Random Color   &
  • 1 x Natural Fragrance Oil
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