ShakeItUp™ EMS Breast Massage Enhancer

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ShakeItUp™ EMS Breast Massage Enhancer
ShakeItUp™ EMS Breast Massage Enhancer

ShakeItUp™ EMS Breast Massage Enhancer

Natural massages to boost your boobies!
Our ShakeItUp™ EMS Breast Massage Enhancer can lift your breasts up to 3 cups bigger and perkier. With the natural stimulation of acupuncture points, it prevents breasts from sagging and deformation. No more breast enlarger pills or painful implant surgeries! 
self-adhesive massager that emits powerful EMS vibration, the low-frequency pulse offers a high-tech, human-like massage that helps promote blood and lymph circulation, as well as enhancing skin elasticity
Ergonomically designed with soft and lightweight wing shape to perfectly suit your chest, it features 6 modes and 15 gear positions to meet your needs for reactivating the cell renewal100% safe to skin, the wireless and seamless design makes it convenient to use and invisible under all clothing.


  • Firmer & Bigger Breasts:
    Prevents breasts from sagging and keeps them firm while keeping its natural curve and enlarging your boobs up to 3 cups larger.

  • Stimulates Acupoints:
    Gives a strong massaging force to acupoints of the breast to stimulate its growth without surgery, medicine or invasive treatment.
  • Prevent Saggy Breasts:
    Improves blood flow to reactivate cell renewal and enhance skin elasticity. Restore youthful and pert breasts and no more saggy, flappy breasts or deformation.

  • Enhance Breast Health:
    It emits low-frequency pulses that promote blood and lymph circulation, as well as resolving breast disorders like breast lumps, cysts, mastitis and painful breasts.
  • Cell Renewal:
    Enhances your blood circulation along with cell renewal to effectively increase your bust size.
  • 100% Safe to Skin: 
    Made of top-quality, hypo-allergic silicone material that is 100% safe to skin, which does not cause any rashes or irritations. For all skin types. 
  • Self-Adhesive Design:
    Unique wing shape to perfectly suit breasts in all sizes. The wireless and seamless design makes it convenient to use and invisible under all clothing.
  • Lightweight & Portable:
    Compact size makes it easy to carry and storage, so that you can have a breast massage whenever and wherever you want.

    6 Modes & 15 Gear Positions:
    6 adjustable modes with massage techniques including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, massage to meet different needs. It is recommended to use 15 minutes a day for fast and visible results.
    Relaxed & Comfy:
    A high-tech, human-like massage that vibrates with mild heat which helps skin soothing and relaxing the muscle.
  • For All Body Parts:
    Besides massage for breasts, it is also perfect to be used on neck, back, waist, hip, legs and any other parts with muscle tension.SPECIFICATIONS:
  • Material: Silicone
  • Usage mode: A~F (6 modes)
  • Frequency: 1~100Hz
  • Output current: up to 9.8mA
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