Smart Pet Tracker


Smart Pet Tracker
Smart Pet Tracker

Smart Pet Tracker

Never Lose your Valuable Items & Find in Seconds!

If you want to always know your pet’s whereabouts so they don’t get missing, in danger, or anywhere where they’re not supposed to be in, use the Smart Pet Tracker!

The Smart Pet Tracker allows you to locate everything safely & securely and will trigger a two-way alarm if a set distance range is reached. What’s more, you can connect up to 8 trackers in one phone at the same time – apply it to your pets, children, elderly, bicycles, passport & valuable items!


  • Precise Pet Location:
    Check your pet’s precise location at the moment, and even know their last location after disconnection.
  • Wide Use:
    Tracker may be used on your pets, and even on your children, the elderly, vehicles, bicycles, and other valuable items!
  • Two-Way Alarm:
    App and tracker alarms when the set distance range is exceeded to give you a reminder that your pet is already away.
     8 Trackers in 1 phone:
    The downloadable app allows you to track 8 pets at the same time so you never lose any of them.
  • Selfie Bluetooth Shutter:
    Pet tracker can also serve as a camera shutter connected via Bluetooth so you can capture moments while you are together.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 5.2cm X 3.1cm X 1.1cm
    Color: Black, White, Green, Pink, Blue
  • 1pc x Smart Pet Tracker
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