Sweating Shorts – SweatyFit™

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Sweating Shorts - SweatyFit™
Sweating Shorts – SweatyFit™

Sweating Shorts – SweatyFit™

Finally get your dream body !

You’ve probably tried dieting or joining a gym to get your body in shape, but unfortunately you haven’t managed to achieve your goal.

That’s why SweatyFit™  created the Sweating Shorts, a pair of shorts designed with a blend of polymers to help you lose up to 3x more calories and fat by wearing them at home, at work or during your workouts, so you can feel better about your body!


Reach your goals fast

Our Extreme Sweating Shorts help to slim the waist and thighs while reducing cellulite. It will allow you to finally reach the body you have always dreamed of!


Effortless Results 

If combined with sports activity, it can be very effective in burning fat and cellulite. This activity does not have to be intense.

Indeed, many practitioners recommend simply wearing the shorts during their daily activities (going to work, shopping, walking etc…)


Real Health Benefits

The SweatyFit™ Sweating Shorts not only gives you a perfect body but has many health benefits.

It improves blood circulation while reducing water retention allowing you to feel better about yourself!


Machine washable

Our shorts are machine washable like any normal garment at normal temperatures.

How to use?

Simply wear the shorts for between 30 minutes and 2 hours a day, depending on your preferences, during your sporting activity or simply during your daily tasks.

It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day as shorts make you sweat a lot and therefore evacuate a lot of water.


Size Guide

S 99/120 Lbs
M 121/145 Lbs
L 146/165 Lbs
XL 166/180 Lbs
XXL 181/210 Lbs
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